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About Expert Copier Service, Inc.

About Us

Expert Copier Service, Inc. with 30+ years of experience is a locally owned business specializing in the service and sales of office equipment including most makes and models of b&w and color copiers, as well as most MFP's and laser printers in use today.

Our goal is to provide our customers, from the smallest home office business to large corporate accounts, with the most cost efficient, timely, honest, and knowledgeable service available.

About Us

Company History

Expert Copier Service was created in 1991, in response to a marketplace need for an independent service organization (ISO) to provide a sales and service source alternative to large corporations and their significantly higher costs. Over 30 years of industry experience, provide customers with effective solutions to the every day problems of machine breakdowns, an unparalleled offering of refurbished equipment and the best in new machines and technology for the trouble free office. We have been inherently successful due to our customer loyalty, and a genuine desire on our part to do the best possible.

My Business Philosophy

Before starting my own business I worked in several service departments of major corporations. I always said to myself during those times that if I had my own business one of my guiding principles would be to treat my customers the way I would want to be treated. Most of us can relate a bad service experience - business or personal including myself. So when I had the opportunity to start this business I implemented this as one of my guiding principles. This has been successful. I have learned that the most important thing is not making the biggest profit on every sale or the most money on every service call... it is how you treat your customers. People want to know that they are being treated fairly. People want to get a good deal. People want to know that you take a personal concern in their service needs. When a customer knows he is being treated this way, he will feel good about doing business with you. Everyone likes to feel good, so customers will continue to bring you their business. I discovered that adhering to this philosophy resulted in the building of long term relationships with my customers. I realized that this is essential to long term success. It is my desire to develop this type of relationship with all of my customers. I want to take the time to learn what I need to do to provide my customers with what is necessary to keep their satisfaction with us at the highest level obtainable, and to build a relationship with them that is long-lasting and mutually beneficial.

Dale Hoskinson
Expert Copier Service, Inc.